Dashlane isn't working


The Dashlane extension is not working. It is grayed out and every time I click on it, it just opens a new tap that is just a blank screen. I already have the dashlane app, it’s open and I am already logged in. Dashlane is working on my other web browsers like Google and Mozilla but it isn’t working on Brave.


Thanks for the report. We have an issue logged for Dashlane compatibility You can track the issues here

I’ve added +1 here


Is there no fix for this bug at this moment?


Issue is under investigation. Should be fixed soon


This Dashlane issue seems to be long-running. I don’t understand why it can’t be fixed. Either fix it or pull it out of the supported extensions list (!). I use Dashlane and would love to be able to have it work with Brave, then I could move over to Brave as my main browser much more easily.


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