Dashlane extension will not sync with Desktop application

I have used Brave on mobile for longer than I can remember and would love to use it on desktop if not for one thing - Dashlane does not work properly.

The Dashlane desktop app should be syncing with the extension but it will not. I can sign in to them separately (albeit with some difficulty on Brave), but they do not see/communicate with each other.

I am using the free subscription to Dashlane. On chrome, the extension is synced with the desktop app at all times, anything I add or remove on one is also added/removed on the other. This makes it unusable as none of my passwords are saved to the extension, and any new passwords I save through the extension are not saved to the desktop app.

I know Brave has an iffy history of working with Dashlane at all. This issue may not apply to paid dashlane accounts as they will sync over dashlane’s servers.

So is there any current solution? Or am I stuck with Chrome for even longer?

Thanks for reaching out. I’m going to test this on my end and see if I get similar results – can you tell me which Windows OS and which Brave version/build you’re using? Additionally, do you have any other extensions installed?

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You may want to try:

Right click Dashlane extension > Manage extension > Extension options > Choose “Desktop” from the option > Save and restart extension.

Then try to click the extension again. It should prompt you login option (if you not yet logged in).

Let me know if that’s not working.


I am running Win10, Brave Version 0.62.51 Chromium: 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I currently have Ublock Origin installed, but currently disabled, and nothing else (aside form Dashlane extension).

I have tried both standalone and Desktop mode.

Right now I am having trouble signing into the extension at all - no amount of clicking will open it. I believe signing into it all required me to follow a url i found on another Brave support thread yesterday. Logging in on the site, app.dashlane.com, only signs into the app on the site, not the extension.

Regardless of ability to sign in, when I do manage to get logged in to the extension, it is not synced with the Desktop app, making it useless.

@buythedip I need to reinstall Dashlane first.

  • But can you try with “Desktop” mode like mentioned above,
  • and IIRC, on your Dashlane app, go to Tools > Preferences > Security > and turn off “Verify the identity of web browser”?


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The Browser identity verification setting was the key!

Thanks @eljuno , I can finally switch full time


Awesome! Thanks for the update @buythedip and glad to know it’s works. :grin::+1:

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