Dashlane - Dashlane button won't light up




I have just installed Brave on all my devices. It is mostly working as advertised. I have one issue, however.

I downlaoded DashLane for password management (Brave doesn’t support RoboForm which I have used up to now).

I created my DashLane account
I enabled the extension in Brave
I shut down the system
I restarted the system
I logged in to DashLane
I opened the Brave browser
The Dashlane icon is greyed out

I tried some of the remedies in previously closed threads and have had no joy. Each time I try a remedy, I restart the laptop.

I am running Windows 10.

Any further assistance appreciated



I’m also having this issue.
I’m on MAC OS
with the latest version of Brave.

It’s stopping me from using Brave all the time, please can this issue be looked into?


I would love to start using Brave, this is the only item preventing me to do so.
I am running on Brave v0.22.714 and Dashlane plugin v5.15.1.

I did follow the instructions as per;

But when I click the Dashlane icon, it just opens a new tab.

Please resolve this so I can begin on my Brave new journey.
Thank you.



  1. Close all other browsers.
  2. Close Dashlane Program on the computer.
  3. Brave > Preferences > Extensions > Turn Off Dashlane
  4. Brave should prompt you to restart the browser. Yes, restart browser.
  5. Brave > Preferences > Extensions > Turn On Dashlane
  6. Open the APP on your Mac
  7. Dashlane should light up and let you sign back in. It will last a while before it turns out again.

Hopefully that helps until they come up with a solution.


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