Dashlane 5.2 and Brave 0.19.105



I am running Dashlane 5.2 on MacOS 10.13.2. Yesterday, I found Brave and am blown away with how amazing it is. I saw a few posts about this issue (none of which resolved mine), but i do apologize if this is a redundant post.

I cannot seem to get dashlane running. I get no autofill with my passwords and the extension is usually grey. When it does have the green dot, the drop down always looks like this:

I have the dashlane running in the background as well.

Like i said before, i am new to Brave so it is probably user error on my end. If you have any ideas, please let me know because i am super excited about getting to know this fantastic browser.

Thanks in advance,


p.s. I might as well ask: Is there any time frame on the macOS and iOS syncing feature being available?


no help? anyone?..


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