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I’ve been having trouble with the Dashboard icons or thumbnails. When I first open Brave (which I love by the way) i have it set to come up with the Dashboard. When doing so, it always brings up the defaults (twitter, facebook, youtube, app store and google play) rather than my thumbnails based on browsing history, presumably. It’s not until i take some action, like pressing the “X” on one of the thumbnails, that the Dashboard after a few seconds shows my true thumbnails.

And now, even the default thumbnails are gone. There’s no thumbnails whatsoever and I don’t know how to get them back.


I have a similar, but different issue. I don’t see any thumbnails at all on my dash board. When I first installed brave about a month ago, the thumbnails always stayed with new updates.


I have difficulty in keeping pinned thumbnails. Even if I pin thumbnails they disappear and some random ones based on my history appear in place of it.
Its always only 6 thumbnails.
Lets see whether anyone come up with more detailed answer.

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