Dashboard says not verified

Dashboard says

Please check your email for verification instructions from Uphold and finish the registration process.

But i am verified on uphold.

Thanks for reaching out @translatoragency

I think you can try to remove Brave from Uphold first. Then you can try to reconnect your Uphold wallet again.

Settings > Application > Authorized Application > Brave Payments

Also cc @Asad for additional help.

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I removed brave from the verified application but i don’t know how to reconnect it

When i go back in the verified application there is a button to go in the apps store.
When i go to the apps store there is no brave brower.

After you log in, go to Dashboard --> Add card/currency

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Apologise I’m not make it clear. You can try reconnect your Uphold wallet again from publishers dashboard (publishers.basicattentiontoken.org). And lets see if now it’s connected properly or not. :slightly_smiling_face:

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What should i add? I added Us currency and named it as Brave Brower but it does not work

Hi @translatoragency,

Just want to check. Is it working well now? Are you able to reconnect the wallet?


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Yes everthing is working perfectly well. Thank you

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Glad to know it’s working now. Closing this thread for now. If you have another question or report, please do open a new thread for each.


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