Dashboard photos missing


Where did the dashboard photos go? When I open a new tab, now I see a basic gradient color background instead of the photos. I would like the option of having the photos back.


We plan to bring them back in the near future. They were using up quite a bit of memory and causing crashes for some folks.

Glad you enjoy them, stay tuned!


I have an Idea for the backgrounds, there is an extension called “Momentum” for chrome and it changes the background once per day and not every time you make a new tab :wink: Might be faster to have it that way :muscle: It would be good to be able to change from pm/am time to 24h :ok_hand::blossom:


Love the ideas! Thanks!


Glad to have those nice images back


yay…thank you! :slight_smile:


I also use Momentum. I find it very nice and I would love for this to come to brace.