Dashboard Enhancement


How were you able to edit the icons displayed there? I’ve tried hitting the X and it gives me a “thumbnail removed” message but nothing changes. Is this a bug?


Yes and it is under investigation.


I actually don’t know how to edit the icons… Suguru said it is under investigation so I guess they will be fixing it soon.


So here are my ideas:

  1. I see the icons on the Dashboard as super favorites and something that should easily be editable. Additionally to those there could be a “last added favorites” section. A small history box at the side below the icons(with a way to hide and to get to the full history view), and if the browser crashed at the same place but in red a window for restoring the tabs before the crash. the “last added favorite” icons could be vertically at the side of such a box.

  2. Browsers are to some extent half operating system,try making it look like one with the dashboard. That also means more customizability with the background(take in the desktop background if wanted?)

Good luck!


I really like how the Dashboard is in its current state, I like its clean layout and beautiful images. If there were customization options, I guess allow to change the background to a custom one and allow the user to add an optional new row of tiles just below the others.

I would let users have the ability to use their own favorite startpage extension though.


I actually signed up specifically to request these same features from Opera, because they make it so much easier to use. I want to use a privacy-focused browser as default, but it’s very difficult to make the change when nothing comes close to Opera in terms of being user friendly and intuitive.

I’m at university and need a laptop that’s small & light. The screen I use almost exclusively is 11.6", so when I’m browsing space is at a premium. I very rarely leave tabs open when not in use, so whenever I want to navigate to a bookmarked page, I need to open a new tab first anyway. With Opera’s speed dial, all the shortcuts that would normally be taking up space in the bookmarks toolbar are available directly on the new tab page. This means I can hide the bookmarks toolbar, which makes a significant difference in available real estate for webpages.

This speed dial significantly decreases the screen space taken up by the browser, and gives me more usable screen space than any other browser. For sure other people value different things, but it irks me a little to see people arguing that this kind of feature shouldn’t be made available. You might not care, but this Speed Dial is the single most important feature for me. The bookmarks bar is a massive waste of space, and quite honestly, I think that anyone using a laptop below 17" would absolutely love this feature if they actually tried it.

I’ve taken screen caps of my entire screen with and without the bookmarks bar to show the difference it makes. With bookmarks bar:

Without bookmarks bar:


By comparison, the Brave dashboard is just a waste of space:

I haven’t been able to figure out any way to change the six suggested shortcuts, and even if these could be easily changed, six is nowhere near enough. I do like being able to see the browser statistics, but the rest of the screen could be utilised without any change to the stats display. I mean sure the pictures are pretty, but I don’t use a browser to look at random pictures. This space could be utilised to make the new tab page actually useful. Someone suggested making the tiles smaller and not centred, so they don’t up so much space. I would argue that having larger tiles makes them easier to use, because you don’t need to be so precise with the cursor. For laptops with a touchscreen (like mine) having larger tiles makes tapping the right tile easy, you don’t have to be careful to avoid touching the adjacent tile.

The one other thing I would add is that Brave’s interface feels cramped and harder to read, despite taking up pretty much exactly the same amount of room. There is much more empty grey space in between the URL/search bar, the bookmarks, and the tabs, making everything smaller. The tabs themselves are smaller, and the font is smaller. On a small screen like mine, having larger tabs with larger favicons + fonts makes it much quicker & easier to see what each tab is. Again this might not be a concern for desktop users or larger laptops, but there are a lot of users with smaller screens who would have a much better user experience with Brave if these factors were incorporated.

Others in this thread have said they would prefer other options, more customization, widgets etc. This speed dial feature could easily be made optional, just a checkbox/switch saying “display speed dial on dashboard”. It would be available for anyone who wants it, and wouldn’t take up space for anyone who doesn’t.


Just a waste of space. Are you blind to that amazing scenery?

I don’t think they’ll work on this any time soon but I honestly think they need to do something much more unique rather than mimicking what most other browsers offer. Perhaps taking most users suggestions on board but making it invisible and by some kind of mouse gesture it brings a users chosen viewing method visible.


I like the trying to be unique and all but … Try to meet users needs.
As you can already tell we love big website icons on the dashboard with clear easy to read names
It is indeed a waste of space because I use the dashboard as the new tab page and spend very few seconds on it. Just open tab, find the site, click and gone.
Other users have shown images having pics but mine is just first letter it took me a few minutes to realize those were the sites


Yes, exactly. This and a dark mode, are the reasons I made an account here.


Personally I like how it is already, clean and not cluttered. If you are going to add other features better to use a sidebar, secondary page you click onto etc.

By cramming lots of stuff in like opera it looks very ugly.


This was what i was trying to say in part in my main post, BUT ADD OUR Community link…

so we can go to the brave community from this page… even a pw reset…
i say that, because 1 time i nearly forgot my login for the community lol

need a about brave… because then there is a description about the new browser… 2 links to the community AND Discord Chat program (even download) and chat program link to the brave community)

this is a new browser, if you want new news to buy AND USE IT, you have to share a little… you can do this with 9 squares on the left and use the right to put the rest… (when i started my post and this thread, i know it was a bit of a mess my brain is a bit backwards and stuck on words some…)



I also would like the option of removing the thumbs of the Top Sites. This is what I utilize the bookmarks bar for. I do not like clutter on my start page :wink:


I would just say, let us clutter it up. Chaos is human.


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Another vote to allow the option to further customize the dashboard. Give people the option to put 0-18 tiles on the page. I love the way Waterfox does it but other issues have led me here as well as a few new more secure browsers to test.


I would like to be able to customize the number dashboard buttons. I use Speed Dial in Chrome and would like to have similar functionality in Brave.


I just would like it if it would quit automatically adding icons for the sites I visit (especially search results that I will only do that one time). How about it not add the icon unless I want it to - like by dragging and dropping the URL onto the dashboard, or right-clicking on the dashboard and choosing to add the current tab to it? I don’t like clutter on it either - the pictures are too nice to cover up, and I have a bookmark bar for my favorites. But there are a few sites that I use several times a day that I don’t mind occupying the space currently allotted for that function.


The dashboard make my netbook sluggish, even it makes Brave not responding…
Would be awesome if this can be turn off :smiley:


It’s been months since I’ve used my brave community account, and people are still demanding this change. Wow.