Dashboard Enhancement


The dashboard is a kind of a useful feature at least for now, it has the details like the total amount of ads that have been blocked and the amount of time saved etc. But, I think it needs a bit of a ‘useful’ change. I think it should not be the same but similar to Opera’s dashboard just because it’s one of the most useful dashboards in a browser. You see, I use the bookmarks bar but I want to keep the browser as clean as possible and I don’t want the bar too but that’s the only way I could get to my favorite websites. At this point you could say that the dashboard is useless and can be useful by allowing to make the sites accessible through the dashboard and not through the bookmarks bar if you know what I mean (just like the Opera browser). So, please devs, implement this feature and make an overall change to the dashboard and make it more useful! Thanks.



I like suggestion from @kaynon on making the dashboard more useful without cluttering it up. Instead of being limited to 6 icons, perhaps it could have a 6x6 grid of icons, giving us a a launchpad from new tabs.


ok i am a little confused here,

what is the Dashboard?

is it similar to like a blank start page or is it what i see from he 3 dots above the right scroll bar



@myale The dashboard is the main page shown when you open up Brave, at least if you configured it and it will be shown. You can see it here:


@nirajagarwal Hey, thank you for supporting my suggestion. I hope the devs listen to us and add and improve more feature to Brave.


@Kaynon @nirajagarwal Initially it was 3 rows of top tiles but then changed to a single row. We have an issue logged for this to allow custom tiles to be added as well. You can give an +1 upvote on the changes.


Thanks for helping me understand further…

after thinking about what everyone is adding here, let me mention this most what of all is mentioned here seems to be a COPYCAT Suggestion in a way of Other Browsers…

WHY NOT make the Dashboard COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZIABLE say like yahoo start page.

This way we as Indivual Brave users can have what we want for our area and what we want to do.
and those who want a clean dashboard still get that, while say some of us like me who need to possibly look at certain things real quick can…’

an example would be that i live in the south (inlaws) near the gulf of mexico and during hurricane season i would need to know a few things like the weather channel app (it has rained more here in the last 2 years THAN THE LAST 20 in SoCal Where i am From)

some of us might want to say have a rotating picture(s) of what we want…

i think a way to rest back to the DEFAULT Dashboard would be cool to… 1 click reset if there is way to much clutter, that is something that yahoo and other start pages dont have much of


@myale So, are you saying we can keep the dashboard and use a start page like Yahoo? These are two completely different things. I’m saying we can make the dashboard more useful by allowing us the get to our favourite websites easier and make them organizable. In the case of start pages, yeah you can make the default start page as Yahoo but that’s not what i’m talking about here. You said why not make the dashboard completely customizable but you mentioned a web portal, that kinda doesn’t make any sense of what you’ve said. I also don’t think that it’s a copycat to implement a dashboard or to improve it because most browsers have such features and can make them different in a way like Brave or Vivaldi have. Don’t get me wrong here, I understood what you said of using a start page like Yahoo but i’m talking about the dashboard.


Would be cool if the tiles can be customised to serve as a bookmarks folder/speed dail


i was thinking Half and half

on 1 side you have 6 or 9 tiles (let user decide)

on the other side you have the start page opposite of the tiles, now this could be side by side or top/bottom

we need to sort of consider how the android fones use Widgets in this way (im still learning lol)

this way you can get 2 birds with 1 stone and use 1 page…
maybe see if a Bookmark widget would work that scrolls and enlarges (and on top when in use) by those that want that on the page… i also like the idea for browser history
this widget side could have say something like the weather app or if you want sports scores or news…
anything that can be used and all customizable

on the side with the blocks (6 or 9) thats where you would put say your most used pages have a locking capability do they never go away by accident
and of course you can adjust them as needed

when yahoo and all them started changing things around i could never find what i was looking for as the start page etc… they even made the profile page so bare is sad… they had it set up years ago where a yahoo user could have like a REAL PAGE to share something about themselves, with a website link if they had 1 or 2 a bio section and more and you as a user can keep whatever section private

thay dont have that now…


There are quite a few things under consideration at the moment, allowing for custom tiles, adding more tiles, different images, etc.

The Dashboard is a very special page and certainly owns a fair amount of your attention when starting up. Overall I think the current desire is to keep the page uncluttered and tranquil instead of loading it up with bits and bobs.

One saying we had in design school which I’ve enjoyed is “the first one to make it move wins”. For threads in the design category, I would implore you to draw your concept out using whatever tools you have (you’d be amazed how you can make a clickable prototype with Keynote) and post them here. The critique from fellow community members will sharpen your UI chops and help us all a great deal.

If you need assistance, ask a buddy, family member, or fellow community member here to help you make it happen.

I really love what’s happening here and I hope to see more of it!


well i dont think i have a paint/drawing program but i have an idea in my head :slight_smile:



The dashboard squares are some bookmarks we throw in them… and that is good, but when we use multiple tabs more than that and close the browser (firefox) what firefox does when you delete a boxed tab, it loads a next previous tab (like history)

what i was thinking is that even with that done say 6 boxes on the leftside and then the rightside has widgets say like bookmarks/history and whatever else or nothing it s would look clean but for individual users we can customize the way we want…

these days the start pages are copycats from 1 browser to the next AND I HAVE BEEN SAYING LET BRAVE browser stand alone DO NOT COPYCAT… do something UNIQUE FRSH AND NEW!!!

it will be 1 way new users of brave will go WOW something different, the best of 2 worlds

i am 1 that says these days the new crap is nothing new… ITS ALL THE SAME

why do you think Netscape browser was the King of Browsers even with MS Inet Explorer then we saw Firefox that made something DIFFERENT AND NEW and better… why because at that time Firefox WAS NOT Netscape or MS INET Explorer

and now we have Brave, RIGHT HERE, we can take some of the best ideas from the Older browsers and reincorporate them into this browser

dont make brave so close to google chrome or firefox or opera or ms inet

all i have been reading is how others want Chrome extentions added in a way

i loved the netscape bookmark resorder (but add the folders to the top) and its Link Valider
i love the Firebug html/css veiwer
its youtube downloader (but want other video sites added to that in mp4 hd )

with that said in part is why I RATHER SEE Something Different with Brave… NOT THE STATUS QUO and the Same…
when we buy a new cellphone we get the standard google crap added some of which is FORCED like the tv crap (not an option) then we get google play and some apps have widgets

and its the Widget part of the idea that i would like to see added… like i was saying in other posts, you can have the square start boxes (they dont have to be big or centered)
then add the widget say bookmarks/history next to that, have a time/date clock a calendar for us say to remember what our daily event maybe or to remind us of future events

i hope this helps more


Hi. Really love this browser. Glad to see it’s being considered, but I would really like customization options. Adding my own image(s) would be awesome. Thanks.


It can technically already be used as a speed dial by pinning some of the suggestions. That’s been a bit buggy for me, so I just use the bookmarks bar.


Yeah, that’s what I don’t like about the speed dial, it only gives you suggestions and you can’t pin your own websites…


actually what i have noticed is that the speed dial pulls the most recent tabs and sites (as you delete 1 the next in line of history comes up) so in a way you do have a choice, but i get you want to have a pinned dial button


Is there currently any way to NOT show the six icons of recently-visited pages?


I don’t think so, no. At least I haven’t seen the option anywhere, but I could be wrong.
At this point I just feel like the way the autocomplete suggestions and website thumbnail on the dash are picked should be fixed. Sometimes it’s just weird, because when I type the letter c it gives me commiteth.com, which I’ve visited like once or twice, instead of community.brave.com, which I visit way more often. With dash’s website speed dial, I’d like to have it the sites I visit most often, like on Android, instead of the most recent ones. Also it should try to not give me links to individual pages on a specific domain, when I visit the landing/index page more often.


Totally agreed i see a lot of ppl wanting to reinvent the wheel a total waste of time if you ask me .
Make it like the Opera browser i have 7 icons on its dashboard that i use frequently and i hate clutter or a billion of small icons .
Youtube wordpress vidme webdsr fenixx.org gmail TheRebelMedia.com thats what i use 7 icons and a clean look .