Dark Theme Requests Keep Getting CLOSED


I was searching for a dark theme, as I do want to give Brave a shot. But every “dark theme” request is replied to one time and then closed. But these requests are NOT closed. We have been waiting going on two years now, and there are many requests. Brave has Chrome roots, and Chrome has themes. I know that labor is expensive, so maybe if you can tell us how to do it ourselves, we can do it.


Hi @test-bot,

The team is aware this one is most requested feature. These request was tracked on this issue

Only share the same Chromium engine.

And likely it’s planned for Brave 1.0 when Brave moving from Chromium + Muon to Chromium front-end.https://brave.com/development-plans-for-upcoming-release/



I agree man! this is the one thing that keeps me from using Brave full time!


I like the browser, but can’t use it without a DARK MODE… IT IS VERY ANNOYING THEY DON’T ADDRESS THIS.


Just my opinion here, but, instead of working on improving things like fingerprint protection, the Brave team should work on getting a dark theme up and running sooner. It seems like many users, including me, have requested a dark theme. Yet that seems to have been pushed back to a later version. This seems backwards to me. If many users request something, you should move that feature up on the list, and push the others further back.


@b87e43092207a0c2a454 Brave will have dark theme. Please see my reply above. :slight_smile:

@tubeman2012 like I said above, it’ll not happens until they move to brave-core (unleas someone do a pulll request). See https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/271#issuecomment-383998029 and https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/271#issuecomment-392858644


Stylus and Tampermonkey would be really good to see with Brave. And the ‘Care your Eyes’ extension also. Care your eyes gives a nice dark brown hue to pages which is nice. But stylus and Tampermonky should be on the list sooner rather than later. Maybe around the time the full Brave dark mode UI is released, so we can have a dark Ui and dark web pages.

Am not a user of Dark Reader, but will give it a try. For now its Stylus, and for the odd random white background web page article etc, Care your Eyes works well.


Hi community,

Any updates?


Hi @Trance,

If you wish, you can use the developer version of brave-core. It have dark theme. Please note that this is still-in-the-work build so expect some missing features. About the Developer Builds category


Thank you for your prompt response.
I’ve seen that it is in developing mode, do you know by any chance when are they going to release it?

Thank you in advance.


Hi @Trance,

v1.0 is planned for release (mean stable release) on this US fall. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would highly recommend downloading the Developer Bulid even in its early stages. We do warn you (as you’ll see on the landing page) that it’s not complete and shouldn’t be used as your daily driver. However, speaking personally, I’ve been using the dev build for over a month with very few issues (I’m using it to write this reply). A Dark theme comes already implemented with the build, as well as a host of features and fixes even in its infancy.

You can read about some of the new features/what to expect to see implemented in the build:

For your conveience, you can find our release schedule and road map here:

And just for fun, a few screenshots of me using it right now for your enjoyment :slight_smile:

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