Dark Theme Requests Keep Getting CLOSED


I was searching for a dark theme, as I do want to give Brave a shot. But every “dark theme” request is replied to one time and then closed. But these requests are NOT closed. We have been waiting going on two years now, and there are many requests. Brave has Chrome roots, and Chrome has themes. I know that labor is expensive, so maybe if you can tell us how to do it ourselves, we can do it.


Hi @test-bot,

The team is aware this one is most requested feature. These request was tracked on this issue

Only share the same Chromium engine.

And likely it’s planned for Brave 1.0 when Brave moving from Chromium + Muon to Chromium front-end.https://brave.com/development-plans-for-upcoming-release/



I agree man! this is the one thing that keeps me from using Brave full time!


I like the browser, but can’t use it without a DARK MODE… IT IS VERY ANNOYING THEY DON’T ADDRESS THIS.