Dark mode. PLEASE


1.0.60 Android update has rendered Brave unusable in dark conditions. It’s painful to read. Simply awful.

Android 8.1 on Pixel 2



Hi @Dieselman,

An issue logged here Add night mode · Issue #81 · brave/browser-android-tabs · GitHub
I think the team will working on it sometimes later after they finish priority list (Sync, etc).

Thanks for your patience,


Github topic shows it’s been a year… how much patience are your users expected to have?? UI not designed by anybody with a clue about middle aged eyes… there’s not enough contrast and TOO MUCH WHITE. Going to uninstall and revert to older version.


I don’t know if it will help with your Android but there are a lot of good dark theme addons. My favourite named dark theme is the Dark Night with a Batman icon, however I actually find that the Midnight Lizard is the best, most robust options, with very intuitive pallet schemes, as far as dark themes go. Unfortunately none of the dark themes extend to all of the Brave pages, like bookmarks, downloads, history, options, addons, etc.

Meanwhile, patience young Jedi, getting older and older and older…

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