dApps not working with Brave Wallet

Trying to use the Brave wallet to stake on SushiSwap and Bancor, unable to do so. All transactions are confirmed on Etherscan and on the Brave wallet browser page, but nothing is showing on the actual apps (SUSHI/BNT). At this point just burning ETH for no reason. Anyone have an idea of why this isn’t working? I am connecting to the apps through the Metamask option, as the Brave instructions advises.

***Update: I was able to get Sushi to work, any tips on Bancor?

Could you pass either the transaction hash in question or steps to reproduce? Thanks

Bancor: 0xc027423d2f025d0fec11b677233f51cb64ffa48ca6ce08a181c4872757553dc9

Sushi: 0x90462e129c46a7f8ed58a8b30f2f94dfa092f0561a7a88841ef50d8e00ac8fe0

I was later able to approve transactions on Sushi, but not on Bancor. The Bancor transaction would read: “Transaction Failed: Staking xx.xx BNT for protection in pool ENJ/BNT failed. Please try again or contact support.”

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