Daily mail link causes browser to crash


Something on this link causes brave to crash, link loads just fine in palemoon browser

Running the new update

Brave 0.14.1
rev 3de60d5
Muon 2.57.8
libchromiumcontent 57.0.2987.133
V8 5.7.492.71
Node.js 7.4.0
Update Channel dev
os.platform win32
os.release 6.1.7601
os.arch x64

Dailymail.co.uk crashes brave browser

HI @larryl

Could you please update to the latest version of Brave and let us know if this is still an issue? If so, please provide information as per the post below so we can better assist.



Can’t help you much on this, unless you have a record of what the link
was that I reported.
I believe you already have the link information in the original report (
I have no clue what the link was as it was weeks (months) ago when I
made this report).
If you want to send me the link, I will be happy to try it

I reported this so long ago, I no longer have any recollection of what
the link was as I figured including it the report was all that was

Step by step instructions to repeat the issue:
Open Brave browser

click on link

watch browser crash

I use a windows 7 64 bit system and the browser that was current at the
time of the report was the one having the problem.



Hi @larryl

This is the link you posted:



In case it helps, I am running Zonealarm anti virus protection


Well apparently your system will only let me attach one image per email
so will have to send you 3 more emails.

Still crashes the browser.

Hope this will help you figure out what is crashing it.

link =

Even the home page and the base news url will crash in the same fashion.


My brave version


Even their home page crashes, shortly after opening. It always crashes
when the number of ads blocked and HTTPS upgrades gets to 28 - 29
It is very consistent so most likely the 28th or 29 url it tries to
upgrade to HTTPS is what is blowing it up.


@larryl 0.17.3 is a preview (not stable) build. Where did you get it from?


I used the update feature to load the new update available. It was
installed on 6/18/2017

when you tell me an update is available, I update to that new version.

I presumed that you would only announce updates available when they are
stable and ready for prime time.

– but you should note that that web site has been crashing brave
browsers every time I have tried for the last several versions.

I just uninstalled that 0.17.3 version and downloaded a new version
from: https://brave.com/downloads.html#windows

Same thing happens when I try to load this URL

The page tries to open, then after a second or so pause while it does
its blocking and https upgrades the window just goes away!

No error! no warning! Just window disappears.

Same thing happens with this base URL

Something dailymail does really pisses off your browser.


@larryl thanks for following up!

When Lauren asked you to update a day ago, did you get that from github?
You are correct, we do not announce until it’s ready. We do have a new preview updater, but that’s for testing.

I tried a lot of dailymail links on my windows 32bit VM and still couldn’t reproduce, so I have one last thing I’d like for you to test out if you’re up for it.

Could you quit Brave first, then rename the brave folder in %appdata% to something else?
After you launch visit dailymail and try a few links. I suspect something in your profile has gone a bit haywire.

Thanks for your help thus far!

Brave Crashes When I Open specific websites

I did as requested, renamed the brave folder in
C:\Users\larry\AppData\Local to brave_corrupted and re-tried the
following links.



Behavior was unchanged all three links crashed the browser after a few

I also found a brave file folder in :
C:\Users\larry\AppData\Roaming and I also renamed it brave_corrupted_2

After that change, I re-opened my brave browser and was able to access
all three of the above links with no crashes.

Thanks for the help figuring this out, would it be of any benefit for
you to look at the renamed profile files to see what was different
between the old profile and the recreated one?

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@larryl if you felt like zipping up that folder and mailing it to alex@brave.com that’d be super nice of you. Thanks!

Glad to hear that resetting your profile worked. :smiley:

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