Dagster.plus login blocked

Hello I’m a developer for dagster.plus and currently I see Brave blocks our login flow if the “bock trackers and ads” setting is enabled. Is there a way to diagnose why Brave thinks our login flow has any trackers or ads? All it does is set a session cookie as far as I can tell?

Using google signin, it worked here. Does the signin depend on trackers?

@fanboynz It doesn’t work when I try to sign in via email. In that case we send a sign in link to the user

Even with Shields disabled, I can’t get the signup to working. Website freezes after entering the Organisation name. What is being checked on the backend?

Hmm, the backend checks that the organization name is unique and shows an error if the name is already taken (it checks as you type).

The console wasn’t showing any error messages or anything, maybe add some error codes to see where in the pipeline its failing?