Cut and Past function in menu


Can you put in a cut and paste or edit functions in the menu similar to Chrome. This would be especially helpful on site where the right click button is disallowed.


Hi @rg88,

Is this request for Brave on desktop? Also, I assume you asking about “Copy and Paste” on hamburger menu?


Brave have that “Cut and Paste” option on main menu ICYMI. You can press alt to un-hide the menu.


Or you can use keyboard shortcuts. Maybe that can help for now. But I’ll look for other existing request.

I added your comment as +1 and you can track the progress here

Duplicate of Add a 'Paste' menu entry / button to the 3-dot menu in the tab bar


Hi eljuno,

Thank you. But I cannot unhide the menu using alt. I think it should alt + some key.

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