Customizing Brave Payments


I think the percentages allotted to each website by Brave Payments do not reflect my actual usage.
I constantly keep 10-20 tabs open in the browser and, likely, for Brave this counts as actual usage time. I also use other browsers and applications in the meantime; I’m not sure if Brave detects the loss of focus. Whatever the reason is, the proportion seems wrong (but is it?).
Would it be possible to change the emphasis, so that the time a website is in the background counts 1/10th as much as the time it is in focus (or some other proportion that can perhaps be set by the user; 0% would also be fine)?
Another minor annoyance relates to Wordpress blogs. I don’t want my payment to go to Wordpress, but to the blog itself. Any ideas for how to fix this (other than just turning off payments to Wordpress)?


I would think that for the latter to come to pass, the blog’s creator would have to register for Brave Payments, unless there’s something in WordPress’ Terms and Conditions to prevent the user from collecting/participating.


hi. there is an issue here. i’m hoping we are able to resolve it in the next 10 days or so. the basic rule is supposed to be “count only the top window in the active tab” and “for no more than 15m” and "don’t count anything if the top window is hidden, etc.

it’s clearly not doing this all the time, so we’re going to find out why…

thanks for your patience!



Agreed the percentages seem way off.


Well, it’s just not clear to me what happens. If I visit the blog, will the payment go to or to the domain? If the former, why not make it clear on the Brave payments page? Right now it’s saying the latter.


Can you tweak payments so as to exclude some sites from payments even though you might spend time on them?

For those websites which are not registered with Brave payments, does the money remain with the viewer then?

Should we turn close windows and tabs when not actively using them or does Brave detect that the page is not actively being viewed on screen but is just open?


It seems that it allows you to increase the percentage of the top two sites of the categories in brave. Why it doesn’t allow you to just type in the percentage yourself you want to give is beyond me. They could also just allow you to set a maximum percentage and a up or down arrow to increase or decrease percentage for each one. Any of these methods would work wonders for the sites I frequent.