Customized Downloads

The ability to change/add custom prefixes/suffixes would be nice. These prefixes/suffixes should be for example any custom text and also datetimes

This feature would be useful for automatic sorting of downloaded files with chronological order, which would be uncoupled from the modification date.

If it’s something you do a lot, I personally use “Bulk Rename Utility”. Real helpful with doing a bunch of renames and other related tasks for files. It makes editing, like it says on the box, bulk renaming a breeze. You’d have to play around with it a little to get a better handle on some of the more useful features. Don’t know if I’ll get dinged for mentioning a 3rd party application or if I were to link it, but I’ll play it safer by not linking.
(This is not a sponsorship or advertisement.)
Note: As with any files on the internet, it’s your responsibility to make sure the file(s) are safe to use.

Created a custom plugin to do this.