Customize what gets recorded into History

Firstly many thanks for a great browser.

Now my issue/suggestion :slight_smile:

I quite often refer to my browsing History but some websites such as Google Translate really make a mess of the history as it gets a new line in the History every time you type a single character. So this sentence would show in the browser History as over a 100 entries!! (same issue in Chrome)

Would it be possible to make an exclude list for browsing History?
I.e. I want to continue storing my browsing history for all other websites and exclude Google Translate.

Thanks in advance,


Manny thanks for creating Brave.

I agree with Redrockers. Checking the weather at I have 30-100 entrys which is pointless.
@redrockers; try Much better translator.

My suggestions:

Only record the homepage of a site.
Make a button for ‘remember this page’ for an extra entry of that specific page of that site.

Alternative; make a nested history with homepages and visited pages on that homepage. So if you click on the entry of the homepage you will get your searchhistory on that site.

Make an extra button next to the ‘close’button’ which says; ‘close and dont remember this site’.

Only some ideas. There were also ideas of remembering even more like in firefox and chrome. I believe the art of history is remembering what is relevant and nothing more.

Good luck with it

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