Customise news feed to reflect geo location?

How can I customise my news feed so it’s more Euro / & a lot less US centric? As much as I like to know what’s going on in the world I also want the scoop on my yard. Is there a location option somewhere that I’ve forgotten to activate?!

Also be great if the news feed had a more varied international flavour - the worlds way bigger than Europe & North America :earth_africa: though you’d never know it judging from my newborn account!

Only been here a couple of hours & am loving the un-ad-interrupted reading. Noticing a huge absence of diversity in my newsfeed tho - do I just need to train it a bit to make it less white straight cis US biased? No disrespect to any of those groups but I still wanna hear what everyone is saying, you know?!

Any tips much appreciated

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