Customers tipping me but receiving in suspended bat count?


So I’m receiving tips from my customers, but they automatically appeared in the suspended bat.

I’m loosing few BAT since a part got suspend for no real proven reason.

So how to fix that ?
All tips will be suspend ?

Please need an answer

Hi @wedge06,

We don’t handle suspensions on community. Please write into if you haven’t already, and your ticket will be responded to in the order that it’s received.

Thank you.

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Still received no mail answer after 18 days.

When will we get an answer?
Nobody answer from the mail you gived.

We are receiving tips to all our website and all bat are suspended!

So why nobody answer ?
I can’t believe im waiting for 1 month!!!

What kind of support is that?
Did they answer to anybody or all tickets are ignored???

Still no answer.
Sent email, tweeted…
I don’t understand…

Does anyone in the same case?
Did you got an answer? After how much time?

Still no answer…
This is insane…

It just started happening with me. I’ll email them and report back here.

Good luck :slight_smile:
I think they will never answer. They don’t care. For them we are not client. Just a product.

I still had no answer to my ticket…
They will never answer I think

Just saying…
Still no answer to the ticket I opened…
Is this really serious ?

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