Custom referral URL

so yeah, the problem is i have 4 different referral URLs - two youtube channels and one renamed twitch channel - and i feel this could be made a lot simpler by offering one solitary custom referral URL per creator account.

as it currently stands, i have no idea which of my four referral codes are good to use, what they link to, or whether my former twitch name link will become inactive.

having a custom URL would not only be good for me, as it’d be easier to keep track of, remember and insert in the relevant places, but also potential customers through brand recognition, leading to increased trust in clicking not-so-random links in video URLs or on twitch panels.

in summary: i’d like the option to customise my referral link

p.s. my apologies if i’ve posted this in the wrong section. it seemed the most appropriate for a newcomer like me.

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