Custom presets for Brave Shields


Dear devs and community,

I would like to have a feature where you can create a couple of presets for Brave Shields that you can switch between from the Shields Panel.

This could be very handy, as even though there aren’t a ton of settings to begin with, having presets may speed things up quite a bit.

For example I would have 3 presets:
Full protection - The default when visiting a new site to avoid any possible attacks (disallow scripts, no cookies, no fingerprinting, block ads)
Default protection - My standard Brave Shields setup (allow scripts, no 3rd p. cookies, no 3rd p. fp., show Brave ads)
No protection - e.g. for testing (allow scripts, allow cookies, allow fingerprinting, allow ads)

Thanks for considering my idea.


Hi @Zuzu_Typ, thanks so much for your feedback! We’re working on a new Shields design and would love to hear your thoughts on it here: