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I would to add a custom picture because i need to manage several accounts on my pc, for me, my wife, my daughter and finally for a shared account we use on a pc installed in the living room (There is at least 5 computers). I used Chrome for this, before … and most of time Firefox for my personnal usage. Now, because of Mozilla policy, and Google policy i want to stop to use their browsers and want to unified all by using Brave. I believe in freedom for the web, i don’t want anybody wanting to manage what is good or bad instead of myself. I want to leave Facebook, Twitter and all, as much as possible that i think is a threat for freedom… i’m on the web since 1998, and i dislike how think seems to turn currently.

Anyway… i read a post about search in user app data on windows to find png files, but i see none of them. I think, things have must be changed since this post and wanting to know if there were a current method to have a custom picture for each profile.

Sorry for my english, i’m French, Thx.


I have the same issue. The directions for creating a custom icon don’t work as the directory doesn’t exist. The currently allowable icons are all too similar to tell them apart quickly.

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