Custom Image Backgrounds For New Tabs

I would like to request a feature in which we can either choose one of your provided image backgrounds or upload our own custom backgrounds for the new tabs.

For example, every time you get a new tab. The background image changes. There are some I prefer to use and some I do not. With this feature request, I would like the option to choose some of your backgrounds to permanently use as the new tab background image or upload custom images to the browser instead.


I would even like if you could change the background theme to any color you want when no background image is selected as I have a slow laptop and a little customizing never hurt anyone huh!


Need to have the ability to customize the background for work and personal.
Is there any progress on this topic? Really surprised that this is a “missing option” from the onset. Status?


This feature is being worked on presently:


Is there an expected release date to this? Also, can you also add a lot more background pictures as seeing the same ones repeatedly get boring to see.

I’d like to add my support for this feature. Either a selectable image or a choice of colour. I’d also like it for the Home screen as well.

necesito una opcion para poder poner en las ventanas nuevas un fondo de pantalla que puedas seleccionar tu la imagen

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Are we still waiting for this feature? Opera has had custom images for tabs for a while now. FFox probably does, but I haven’t opened FFox lately. They’re becoming a political organization rather than a tier one browser builder.

C’mon, Brave. Don’t force us onto Opera just because custom images on new tabs is a low priority for you guys. Its rather important to your end users.

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It just occurred to me that Brave must be earning money based on how many times an image is reproduced in the end users screen. That might explain the tone-deaf responses from Brave regarding custom images on new tabs.

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And nearly one YEAR Brave still cannot figure out this perplexing coding problem?

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Has this been integrated yet?

Lord yes, the open-tab background usually splashes garish images in our faces. The only option I see to avoid that is a blank page, which is what I do. Something more calming would be a big step in the right direction.

@MDickson The ability to add a custom background image was implemented in Brave Release 1.37.109.

  • Added ability to add custom background images for New Tab Page. (#19640)

How to Customize New Tab Page Images
By default there are some images (currently 15) other than NTP Ads that display in rotation on opening a NTP. Instead of rotating through background images, you can upload your own image to use as the default background on a NTP. Examples and instructions are available at this Brave GitHub issue report:

Solid colours and Gradients for the NTP are still in the works. You can track the status of the issue here:

Source: User Solutions: Brave Release 1.40.x - #3


  1. Open a new-tab page

  2. Click on Customize on the lower right

  3. Chose Upload from device

Update: Solid and gradient colors released in Nightly 1.45.x. The milestone in the issue report indicates it will be available in the Beta 1.44.x release. Version 1.44.x is currently schedule for release S09/27/2022 so won’t be long until available in Release! Brave is still working on NTP/dashboard customizations. So, even more goodies to come! :slight_smile:

Related Brave GitHub issue reports:

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