Custom Cookie Settings?

I need to install Mozbar extension for running frequent website checks.
I installed it from here:

But it says I need to “Improve your MozBar experience. Please unblock 3rd Party Cookies, or allow [*.] in your Cookie Settings”

The tool actually won’t work at all unless I can do that. Is that possible to do in Brave, and if so, advice on how to do it would be appreciated.

You can add them here

However, I would never trust an extension that forces the user to use 3rd party cookies.

Go to brave://settings/cookies, then select Sites that can always use cookies, click on add, it will ask for URL, type or whatever, then make sure to select ‘Also Allow third party cookies’, after typing the URL.

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Thanks. Me neither but needs must in this case (kids need to eat!).

thank you, very useful

WOAH! I went there and there’s already an entry. It says can always use 3rd party cookies. I did not do that! But more worrying, I click on the trash can and can NOT delete it. Looks like a bug, the trash can button just does nothing.

I just added and when i click trash can for that it deletes. Why can’t hubspot be deleted?

Ok I found a solution. I went to and clicked to put shields up (in URL bar). Then it was removed. I understand now, but would make sure to give me some advice on what to do when the trash can button refuses to respond instead of just doing nothing :slight_smile:

Yep, I was able to replicate it.
Turning Down the shield alllows cookies (third party cookies), but they cannot be deleted from trash can.
A user needs to visit the site, turn shields back On and then the entry will be automatically removed.

If click on trash can related to cookies for other sites it will clear those cookies, but earlier it was not able to do it such a thing when in the sheilds icon you allow cookies via those three options. They solved the bug but another bug still exists what you just referenced.

@Mattches could anyone look at this issue?

Thanks for tagging me @rodrige. Looks like it is a regression and also looks like the team is aware of it:

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