Custom BAT Tip Amount

Would be nice to set a custom amount for tipping. 1 BAT is too much :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t know why it’s set up the way it is. They shouldn’t have even rolled out the feature without a custom tip amount. And yeah, if I’m tipping it’s probably gonna be on the order of cents, not quarters. The amount you give out each month for auto-contribute should also be customizable.


This. I can’t believe the way that was chosen. How would you not let people just specify a custom amount of BAT. It’s not about what people deem much or little, this will stifle adoption severely.

Please be more wise and fix this with priority. I was almost over the fact that it’s mandatory for people to verify identity for the withdrawals with Uphold (a choice I still despise), but this is seriously a deal breaker if this is not adjusted.

I was determined to do a large affiliate campaign for Brave, but now I wonder again if it’s even worth all the effort. You guys had such a nice thing going… The point is to make the platform more attractive for others to use, not less.

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Agreed. Perhaps I’m short sighted but, forcing KYC via uphold was a terrible choice.

agreed, which is why i’ve disabled auto contributions completely.