Custom adblock filters

Normally i always have shields on, but when this happens there is a site that I am using that blocks you from making comments on the site, so I have switched shields off

So when I go onto a page I am following the instructions to block elements, which blocks the ad for that page viewing one

when i go to brave:adblock and look at the custom list it is filled with

As you can see there is even duplicates in the list .

Is there a way for me to go and put in a single entry so that it would block all elements that contain the text taboola-below-article-thumbnails-express-split-num-1? and then remove all the other entries from the list?

Isit possible that I have been adding in so many elements to block that they are no longer getting picked up?

I am using brave on a mac.

I think that because you had to turn shields down, that disabled the adblocker entirely and so your filters are not applied.

I think it’s possible to leave shields on, and add exceptions for this particular site as custom filters to “un-break” it.

The filter syntax how-to:
(Brave uses its own component but it’s compatible).

The duplicates are unnecessary but should not be an issue – other than slowing things down, but not significantly. I guess they are there because you used the “block element” thing repeatedly?
(In which case, it would be better if “block element” did not make duplicates in the first place).

If you can post which site it is, I may try look into it.

Also, there’s a “report broken site” function somewhere in Brave, but now I can’t find it again…

Thanks for the response

the site I am visiting is

If I have shields up, I cannot view the comments, so that is why I had to switch off shields. Its more the comments and the ability to add comments is what I want to do.

I assumed in my naivety that if I added custom things to block it would work, but I guess it does not if shields are down.

There is so much stuff nested, that even with the dev tools I am struggling to determine what exception to add

If you do offer any other assistance, it is much appreciated

Quite heavy site indeed… sometimes I miss a “smack this webmaster on the head” button. :slight_smile:
I need more assistance to provide assistance: I tried clicking some articles here and there with shields down, I didn’t see any user comments section though.
Maybe it’s still loading… or maybe they show only if I’m registered on the site?
I ask one example page, where there are comments without shields.

edit: the “report broken site” shows when turning down shields by the way.

I would wager that it’s not Shields in general causing the issue, but rather a specific protection within Shields – can you try turning Shields “on” for the site and changing the cookies setting to All cookies allowed, then see if you’re able to view comments/add comments?

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As its typical with newspaper sites, there are a lot of ads, and you need to give it some time for the whole page to load.

The comments section does exist, its between two ad blocks. and if you scroll too fast, you can skip right past the comments section as all you think you are seeing is a endless stream of ads

this url, once the page loads should take you to the comments section of the site

Investigating the comments issue


Give it 24-48hrs. This will fix the comments

Also to fix the empty ad space:


Fixes have been committed.