Custodian country problem

I have done the registration with uphold but I can’t link my residence country (Switzerland) with my custodian country (france because I have uploaded a french passport).
How I can solve it?

@tenn While I can assume what you’re saying, you have not provided enough information. Please advise what error/notice you are receiving. We can only give you an accurate answer once we know what your issue might be. I want to make sure not to offer a suggestion that might be incorrect just because I assumed.

When I click on “brave reward”, then “unverified” and then I chose Up^hold as custodian provider, I have the following error when I authorize uphold :
"Erreur : les pays ne correspondent pas

Il semblerait que le pays de vos récompenses Brave ne corresponde pas à celui du compte Uphold que vous essayez de connecter.

En savoir plus"

It’s in french, it means my reward country does not correspond to the country in uphold.

My reward country is france but in uphold it’s Switzerland.

@tenn Okay, just wanted to be sure. So what this means is the country you chose for Brave does not match the country you verified with on Uphold. I thought this might be it, but wanted to be careful

Essentially, your choice is to do one of the two things below:

  1. Change your Uphold to match the country you chose for Brave. (so if you chose Switzerland for Brave, then Uphold needs to be Switzerland passport/custodian)

  2. Change Brave to match your Uphold country. However, you’ll lose any BAT in your browser that’s not been paid to Uphold. To do this, you’d need to go to SettingsBrave RewardsManage Brave RewardsReset. This will erase your prior Rewards and start you with a brane new one. You’ll choose France since this is what you’d verified with and then Brave should match with your Uphold.

Of the two options, obviously the first is better. Especially since the second can be a problem later if you’re actually living in Switzerland, as ads still get shown based on your IP address for now and it could eventually lead to your account being flagged as you’d be claiming France but actually getting Switzerland. (This is something they are working on for future update to prevent).

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