Custodial account connection problem in India

Gemini custodial account created in India and it is available too but Brave is not allowing it to connect VBAT to my account of gemini saying gemini is not available in India. Please fix it Gemini is available in India but brave is not recognizing it


It’s because India is an unsupported region for verification

They are saying India is in an unsupported region, and even though I have a custodial account with Gemini, I could not connect.

It’s because Brave and Gemini altogether don’t support India for rewards connection. You can still use Uphold / Gemini in unsupported regions only won’t be able to connect to Brave rewards…

BTW if you were connected to Gemini earlier then

Not working brother. Previously I connected to a Gemini account and also I received nearly 22 BAT into that account. Still, I hold the amount in it.

Umm, did you try to connect to Uphold sometime in between ?
If yes, thats most likely the issue. The API must be seeing that you were last connected to Uphold and won’t be seeing Gemini in its history.

This happened to me on one of my device even though was originally connected to gemini. I had shifted to Uphold after support was removed for India ( Uphold was still supporting India for a few weeks after Gemini stopped so was able to connect back then ). Had to talk to chriscat and he saw my logs and told me that cause of my prior connection to Uphold, its happening.

No, I connected to only Gemini I was receiving the rewards for 3 months. Also, I see the transactions of BAT coins from my Brave creators account to my Gemini account was taken place by the name of Internal Transfer.

okay. Well, it does disconnect after every 90 - 120 days for account security.
Can you confirm you’re trying this in a profile which was connected to gemini earlier ? and not a new profile ?
you never uninstalled brave and installed it back ?
never cleared Brave data ?
If you never did all the above, I don’t see a reason as to why its not connecting.

Yea. Cause they basically just convert vBAT to actual BATs back then. Now on mine, since vBAT has been discontinued, and only actual BAT exists now, it shows up as Ads Payout.

I’m trying with the same account to connect with Gemini. For confirmation, I checked the view statement in Brave. It shows that I was using the browser and holding rewards from October 2022 to February 2023. Uptonow I didn’t do any uninstallation of the Brave app Or delete the files related to Brave. I was using it from the past 6 months.

That’s not what I meant. I mean are you using the same rewards profile?
Could you go to brave://rewards-internals → go to event logs tab
And share event logs after the log saying ‘wallet_verified gemini’

No words like ‘wallet_verified gemini’

So this seems to be a new rewards profile. and hence the issue.
and never ever connected to Gemini before and thats probably why not able to connect.

What is the solution for it? I don’t wanna lose the BAT I have 25 BAT in my Account.

Well, nothing that can be done till Brave gets India supported before sunsetting of vBAT.

Actually when it will happen (sunsetting of vBAT) any news about it.

Around April. All the balance will be distributed to verified creators and it will no longer be availble to you.

I hope India will be listed as a supported region before sunsetting. If not like me so many people will lose their BAT. I think it won’t be a good matter for the users, Is there a way to ask the brave team to request for the changes in brave rewards?

So all bat got vanished today…JUST WOW…poor thing that brave has done to the VBAT. All the trackers blocked stats are also gone

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I deleted the reply.

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