Cursor not appearing when using text on sites




I’m really liking Brave coming from Firefox due to the new deals made with Soros partners together with their new Tos and “philosophy”.

I’m finding Brave quite intuitive and easy to use. I’m looking forward to further developements as time goes by.

The only real problem I’ve had so far is that my cursor disappears across all sites. It’s still there and working as it should, but the flashing line is not. This makes it difficult to create any comments/writings whilst on Brave as well as being really hard to do simple tasks such as copy & paste text.

When i copy a web address for example, there’s no flashing cursor and usually, you only have to left click on the address somewhere once for the whole line to be highlighted in blue. With Brave, the single click doesn’t work and you have to scroll to the end of the line, then drag back to hilight the text. The hilighted section is also in grey, not blue.

I’m pretty sure when i first installed Brave, this was not a problem and things worked normally. perhaps something on the recent update?

Thanks for a good product and i understand it’s all still a work in progress, so very impressed so far :slight_smile:


(Using: Windows 7 64bit). - (Cursor is here whilst i write this, but not on places like YouTube or Twitter etc It sometimes appears though and seems like a sporadic issue).


Hi @KJeeMusic,

Thanks for reporting! It’s a known issue and I added your comment as +1 and you can track the progress in the link below:

Thank you,


Thanks, eljuno :slight_smile: I’ll keep an eye on it.