Current earnings reset to 0 on new month, wallet balance still 0

Hello there,

I’ve had already more than 7 BAT in current earnings balance, this was reset (I guess, that because of new month) but my BAT balance is still 0
brave version : Version 0.64.29 Chromium: 73.0.3683.75 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

whats wrong?


I’ve the same problem. My balance has reset to 0 on Brave Dev version. I earned around 7 BAT myself seeing the ads on brave dev.

me too, again! @jsecretan told me this “we are going to bonus dev users for lost views when ad grants with the actual BAT are issued on or around the 5th of the month.”

I have 1.85 BAT and 37 ad views. I didn’t get all of that today. I’m taking a guess here, but they may have credited DEV users for the issues we had last month.

I had the same issue. This is the second time it’s happened to me.

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Sorry for the late response everyone – I’ve pinged the product team about this for insight on the issue. Will respond when I have more information - thank you for your patience!

Thanks for reaching out. We’ve had other users report the same behavior and we believe once this fix is implemented the issue will be resolved:

Note that it’s labeled as P1 so it’s likely that this will be fixed asap. Thank you for your patience.


Hi everybody, sorry for the inconvenience, the problem this time is with how the ad earnings are displayed. So thankfully all earnings are still there. We are fixing the bug that @Mattches mentioned which will fix the display, but the good news is that you’ll see all of your earnings from last month come in the form of an “ad grant”, similar to how you see previous grants show up. We are trying to push them out before the 5th, so you should hopefully see this appear in the next couple of days. Thanks.


So yeah not to worry, in the next few days, you’ll see an “ad grant” appear that has both your earnings from last month and some additional BAT to make up for anything lost during previous bug.

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We have pushed out the ad earnings for last month late yesterday, so you should see it come up in your rewards panel. You should be able to claim it in a way similar to how you would claim a grant.


thanks a lot, I can confirm that all looks fine now

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Excellent I got iT Love brave

Is there any solution for users under review that nobody answers anything? I hope I can help with my question

Can you please clarify if these tokens are actually grants or are they ad earnings? My understanding was ad earnings we own and can eventually withdraw, while grants can only be used to tip creators.

Hey sorry for the delay here @noneyabusiness. While they come through the same mechanism that grants do, they are in fact ad earnings. Right now, yes, you can primarily use them to tip creators, but you can also hold on to them for use in the future with our partner Tap and withdraw once two way wallet functionality is available.

Hello guys…what should I do to earn BAT?

I somehow have the same problem. I had around 15 BAT yesterday, but today, May 5th, not only BATS were not added to my wallet, but also the amount of BATs was decreased to 2.


Same here. Yesterday (4th May) I had 16 or so BAT for served ads but today both the served ads and Bat have been reduced. I now show 4.2 Bat and nothing has been added to wallet (5th May). Can anyone explain what is going on?



Hi, I’ve had the same issue. There is a newer thread where people who have experienced a massive decrease in their rewards (70% in my case) are gathering. That thread is here:

Hoping for some insight into what is happening. Thank you

just for my understanding, when i earn ad rewards they will be credited as grant in my wallet with an expiration date of few month and then they are gone??
i only can spent this coins back to the creators from whom i got this rewards for looking his advertising??
i understand this system will support creators but for this i can give tip!
When will it be possible to use my earned bat free or withdraw?
why should i spent in future hours with looking ads when i can’t use the coins?

it would really be nice if someone can explain clearly how the reward system work, because the expiration date i never read before i started to earn with rewards…