Curious about Ad Diversity


So I have been utilizing the Brave Dev build and ensure that Brave Rewards are set to maximum currently only 5/hr.

I make sure to at least view the ads each time one pops up. I do this for 2 reasons:
1: Curious about what type of ads Brave is trying to roll out to users.
2: As much as I enjoy privacy, i’m not against accepting ads especially if it helps content creators.

I noticed however that all the ads are crypto currency ads (I have also received 2 that where surveys for brave.). Is this the nature of BAT or are these ads something that brave accepts and puts in a general pool of ads that randomly pop up for its users?

Curious if anyone else has seen any other ads as i’m only seeing crypto ones.




Let me cc @luke.mulks or @chriscat they’re more capable to help with your question. :slight_smile:



I can help explain this.

When we rolled out phase 1 of our dev channel ads preview in January, the preview was aesthetic only, meaning that we did not have reporting setup or token rewards for users.

This means that agencies / brands preferred to wait until we had reporting available to begin testing, which makes sense, given this is new and people want to measure performance.

Given that was the case, there is also another pattern right now with it being extremely difficult for crypto-related projects to advertise. Google, Facebook, Mailchimp and others have had either outright bans or extremely restrictive approval processes on crypto ads, including ads for associated content, like crypto podcasts, hardware wallets, etc. for over a year

I was interviewed on back to back podcasts back in January, and prior to going live on both, I had both podcasters tell me they were currently unable to advertise on Google or Facebook, even with some of the review processes in place.

Well, Brave has a utility token, is deep into the crypto space, and sees the value in this new technology. We want people to see as companies that want to do business in this space rise up, and we want to provide them with a platform to do so.

That said, we recently rolled out phase 2 of the preview (early March) which includes rewards and reporting, and have been onboarding other advertisers now that we have that in place.

You’ll find ads for VICE News, Vimeo, Sports Illustrated, HomeChef, Saatva, and others in the rotation.

The other thing that has been happening is some testing on our end around priority, frequency capping, and other delivery patterns that would be expected during these preview phases. One byproduct of that has been several reports of repetitive ads, etc. We’ve been working on tightening up that this week.

So, to recap, this is a short term issue. Brave wants to support crypto projects and have them get awareness, while also integrating more popular brands into the catalog. You’ll see it improve over time as we continue to onboard more and more brands in the system.

Hope this helps!



Hey Luke,

I appreciate the very open response you gave to this inquiry. I definitely can understand that the ads aspect of Brave is new and being tested and that brands still are unsure if they want to utilize you to advertise.

I didn’t realize how difficult advertising crypto was as i’m not very into that space. So it’s great that you are providing this browser as a way for those people to get advertising to the masses.

After I posted this question on the community boards I got a VICE and HomeChef advert which I quietly chuckled about.

Again thank you for the in depth response as not many companies would have divulged this let alone in a quick manner. I only found out about you guys through Reddit a week or so ago and have been telling everyone I know to swap browsers.