Cumulative rewards

Hi all, after installing Brave I was able to successfully accumulate rewards each month, and then claim them at the beginning of the following month. Each month I have claimed, with no auto-contribute, monthly contributions, or one-time tips. When clicking “View Monthly Statement for Details” I am able to see the amount of rewards earned for each month. However, the rewards don’t seem to be cumulative. The number of BAT displayed in the purple box (which I’m assuming is the main balance) in “brave://rewards” only matches the most recently claimed amount, not the total claimed from all months. If it was cumulative, I’d have about 45 BAT.

Why does it seem like Brave is resetting after every claim? How can this be fixed? Is there any way to recover the cumulative amount?

That shouldn’t be happening, send a message to steeven from the brave team explaining your situation, he probably will ask you to send him your wallet Id from brave://rewards-internals/, you should also include screenshots from your monthly statement details

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