Ctrl + U sends me to source page



Ever since I got Brave, it has given me the source of a page instead of underlining stuff, when editing writing (in Google Docs).
I use a Windows 10 (x64) and my free version of Brave is … the newest one? I honestly cannot find a version name anywhere, but it has done this since the beginning, which was downloaded the 24. of May 2018.
My Shield settings are: Block Ads, Block 3rd party Cookies, Block 3rd party fingerprinting, block HTTPS everywhere, block phishing / malware, don’t block scripts.
I read that I can not change shortcuts, but that the shortcut for the source of a page should be ctrl + alt + U, and not ctrl + U as it is in my case.
Is this an easy fix, or did I read an outdated list of shortcuts? It was in the FAQ and Common Issues folder.

I hope to hear from someone with a solution, as it is a bit annoying :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting and I’m sorry for this @CrazyDrDuck :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about when it will be fixed. But an issue logged for this which can be tracked here

You can type about:brave in URL bar or Help menu > About Brave or Hamburger menu > Help > About Brave.



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