Ctrl-Q Hotkey Immediately Closes Brave Without Confirmation



After some, mystifying, “crashes”, I’ve noticed that Brave is coded to, immediately, and without notice, kill its processes upon the pressing of the “Ctrl-Q” keyboard input. Which, nice to know now, but, this is, perilously, adjacent to the, totally innocuous, and often used, “Ctrl-A” (copy all) keyboard input.

I know, “become a better typist”! But, if you could make more clear in settings how hotkey assignment might work, and or, add a popup that questions total shutdown in the case of a typo, that would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @promet,

Thanks for the feedback. There’s an issue about this here

I added your +1 to the issue and you can follow the progress there.


Don’t feel as if you need to become a better typist promet! As you said, Ctrl+Q is close to Ctrl+A and a simple mistype shouldn’t be punished so severely. Especially considering Ctrl+Q is also adjacent to Ctrl+W (which I typed as Ctrl+Q twice before getting it right) and Ctrl+S as well.



Thank you for the reprieve, :joy:! I have returned though, because this has, just, happened to me again (I had a good run…).

Guys, if you could just edge a “warning pop-up” confirmation for that Ctrl-Q, 1ee7-level-cold-shutdown, I would be, forever, in your debt (in $BAT)…


Figured I’d let anyone who winds up here in the future know that as of the new Chromium based Brave release, there is no longer a CTRL + Q keybind that will shut down the whole browser without a prompt.

What a relief!