Ctrl+H should open about:history


Ctrl+H should open about:history


I Like hat idea as well and very simple to Remember


Chrome, IE, and Firefox all open history using Ctrl+H


Hi @STR,

Brave use Ctrl+Y instead of Ctrl+H to open History. Is it will work for you?


Hey, nice. Yes. Thanks!


Was confused about this myself. In every other browser it’s CTRL+H, and I couldn’t figure out what the shortcut was in Brave, since I haven’t seen it anywhere in the browser. (Well, maybe there might have been something in the alt menu, but I digress) Maybe you should add some sort of shortcuts info page, where you can see the various shortcuts (And maybe also change them, if that’s even possible?).

Thanks for the info though, will be quite helpful in the future :slight_smile:


Thanks for confirming @STR. :slight_smile:


Hi @isasftw,

The shortcut is shown in History menu in menu bar along with other available shortcut (at least in Windows, not sure if it’s shown too in Mac and Linux).

At this time, the list is available here. One of Brave team made the list. And I believe they are working on it – to add a list of available shortcuts into the browser.

Regarding custom keyboard shortcut, there’s an open issue in GitHub:

Hope this can help answer your question,
Thank you,


I’m surprised ctrl+h hasn’t been added by now.
It’s like not having mouse gestures or ctrl+t for new tab.
It’s a basic given afaik in all major league browsers.

p.s. in the meantime, i’ve added it to bookmark toolbar (ugh).
Let’s see now if shortcuts can be added to bookmarks…


@danielson Brave has a command for history, it is CTRL+Y. A bit of a strange choice of key combo, considering that CTRL+H isn’t actually mapped to anything, but it works and you get used to it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


And even more to your point, due to the strange combo choice implemented, I merely saved “about:history” as a bookmark in the Brave browser’s bookmark toolbar, so i can have access to it without really remembering how to get to it.

Thanks for your help, too!


I’ve noticed, that in the new Chromium-based 0.55.18 version of Brave, this is now actually CTRL+H :slight_smile: