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is an account deletion enough so that nobody (who is not in posession of the private key) would be able to access funds or tokens on that particular Ethereum adress on that device anymore?

With that I mean: is there really no way that a deleted account can be recovered?

I just imported an Ethereum account on another device in Brave by entering the private key and then deleted the account there again - that’s why I ask. Am I safe?

Thanks in advance for an answer

if you deleted that account, you’re probably safe, there’re lots of variables to consider, but in a simple way, you’re safe

Hi, thank you for you answer - but: what would be the variables to consider?

I "deleted " the account by entering Settings → Contacts → “my wallet accounts”, selecting it and clicking “delete” … is that enough?

I think I can give me the answer myself = no it’s not. I have checked the .ldb file in the folder %localappdata%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data\Default\Local Extension Settings\odbfpeeihdkbihmopkbjmoonfanlbfcl (mentioned here by “thechadc”: )
and that .ldb file still contains entries concerning the address of the “deleted” account (I had no business with it on that device’s other accounts) … although I see no date, but the address appears also in the newest .ldb created, which was only today.

I’m willing to delete the whole “odbfpeeihdkbihmopkbjmoonfanlbfcl” directory, but can I be sure that there’s no other “corpses” of data around?

cheers for any reply

when I say that there are many variables to consider, it’s that in information systems nothing is 100% secure, even if you delete all the information from your computer, even so if I’m determined to get that information, there are ways to get it .

I believe you’ve done more than enough to protect your cryptowallets, more than that if you re-do your local browser profile, however you would lose your BAT earned so far.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, just be careful where you insert your wallet’s private keys, they are very important issues for your earnings.

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