Cryptowallet - error transference into cryptowallet

i made a correct transfer by the platform BUENBIT on the ETC net of my cryptos to my cryptowallet that has Binance smart chain(BEP20) and it didnt enter on my wallet. How could i get back my cryptos, is there any way to do that?

Here is some data about the transfer i made

  • Date: Apr-09-2021 05:06:49 PM +UTC
  • Token type: Dai Stablecoin
  • Txid: 0x32e08d7cf4a5f0a6326476aff0d62fe91d757dc3f15cd6a90363313fa092b479
  • Destiny Adrress: 0x280FDA0D7151524d5aBDa5b3ee5B0991D2f7131E
  • Block:12206885

this is for metamask but should be similar

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THANKS i will check if it helps

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