Cryptonite by MetaCert


Link to extension:

Explanation: The Cryptonite extension protects the user from phishing sites. It is built especially for Cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The MetaCert shield turns green when you visit certified Cryptocurrency websites.This extension blocks more phishing sites and fake social media accounts than any other software.

Reason: Cryptocurrencies have exploded in popularity in the last 12 months. Unfortunately so have phishing scams. Hundreds of millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies have been stolen in 2017 alone. This extension helps to mitigate that by keeping an extensive and constantly updated database of ‘safe’ website and url’s. This gives some peace-of-mind for us crypto holders that the sites we visit are legit.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a crypto token for the Brave browser. Its seem only logical that Brave steps up and helps protect the community which financed the project.



I use this in Chrome daily to confirm I’m not on a phishing site. Very important extension for crypto users.


I totally agree. Upvote for Cryptonite extension! I have it in Chrome and it makes life much much easier and safer!



Replacing google chrome due to privacy issues.


I’m glad somebody has already made this feature request. I’m a big fan of the Cryptonite extension, especially after the recent MyEtherWallet DNS hack.

Other than liking this post, is there anything else we can do to help make this happen? I’ll reach out to the folks at MetaCert and see if there’s anything they can do on their end as well. It’d be great to see this added soon!


Please add it. This extension would really be helpful. Thanks.


Upvote on this one. There are 2 other posts requesting this so maybe they can be merged.


Just installed Brave browser… And this is one of the first extensions I looked for. Sadly, it’s not available yet. Hopefully it will be! It’s one of the most important ones.


The Chrome Extension for Cryptonite works great in the Brave Browser. I have been using it for a couple weeks. I cannot find the exact instructions i used. .it is activate an existing extension in Brave that you do not need, find the location where it is installed, replace it with the code for any Chrome extension such as Cryptonite. After shut down the Brave browser and restart Brave the chrome extension is now working in Brave.


Cryptonite benefits everybody. Metacert has a great team. Listen to Laura Shin’s interview with Paul Walsh the founder, and you understand why Cryptonite is so awesome. Looking forward to being able to use it with Brave.



It’s a BRAVE new world. Love the browser. Adding MetaCert adds value to the browser, adds trust on my end when using the browser, and therefore increases the % of time I use Brave. Add MetaCert and take another step toward a fully usable browser.


I use Cryptonite by Metacert many times a day and it saves a lot of time trusting safe sites.
The Chrome Cryptonite extension without any changes works great in Brave by just replacing code of an existing Brave Extension. I have used it for a couple months in Brave.
However, when Brave was updated the Cryptonite extension was overwritten with the the original extension.
Please add Cryptonite so I do not have to keep going back to another browser until I have time and find instructions again to replace a Brave extension with the code for the Cryptonite Chrome extension.
I like Brave but I do not feel comfortable using it for many sites without Cryptonite.


Metacert is creating the best cybersecurity system for blockchain enthusiast. This will only help Brave be a more solid browser. Please add.


I know you’re working on a video regarding this. Let me know when it’s done and I’ll add it to my guide. And thanks for your dedication to the community :slight_smile: