Crypto Wallets Login

I cannot login into Crypto Wallets. When I click on the Crypto Wallets tab I get he “Welcome Back” login prompt which is normal. However, when I type in my password, it processes, and there’s a flash of what looks like Ethereum Wallet in the upper right hand corner, then it stays at the login screen. It almost looks like its being blocked.

I’d like to have my hardware wallet synced so I don’t have a problem buying/selling on the exchange I use which requires a hardware wallet.

Any help?

Hi @asheerin, welcome to Community!

Try closing out all Brave-related processes (use Task Manager or Activity Monitor, etc. to shut down ALL Brave processes), restart the browser, and try again. Make sure you get your password right on your first try, otherwise you’ll be locked out.
You can also try restoring your wallet with your seed phrase.

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