Crypto Wallets (Deprecated) having different address with Brave Wallet

Hi there, I need advise.

Cryptos Wallets (Deprecated) address is different from Brave Wallet. As i have been using Deprecated wallet for staking for years and now all the sites are unable to connect to the wallet (Deprecated).
Even if I import the correct 24 words seedphase of Crypto (deprecated) into trustwallet or use Brave Wallet (prefer extension), the address was different.

How can i import crypto wallets (deprecated) address into the new brave wallet?

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@jdlwy I really hope you didn’t respond to the ticket. That link is a scam.
Anyways, I am not sure if you can import other wallets into brave wallet. I guess you can’t. I will tag @onyb and @hub to clarify

thanks for the advise. I didnt use the earlier scam link provided.

the seedphase used by deprecated wallet and Brave wallet are the same yet both have different address. Current web3, wallet eg trustwallet recognise Brave wallet using the same seed phase but not deprecated wallet address.

Hi Brave Team, any solutions. Appreciate

Hi @jdlwy!

Have you tried using the Import from legacy Brave crypto wallets option? You’ll only see it when you paste a 24-word seed phrase, which should be the case for you.

I’d try both with and without that option checked, and see which one restores the desired wallet.

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It works with the previous desired address. thanks lot.

Next question is how to i connect the this brave wallet to the sites. Most sites only allow metamask etc


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Thx lot. i got it sort out so far. appreciate for your prompt reply

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you can click Metamask and have your default ethereum wallet settings set to ‘Brave Wallet’ on brave://settings/web3



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