Crypto Rewards Wallet

Description of the issue:
I have added the ERC-20 token IXT to my Crypto Wallet. I have tried to send this token to my MetaMask wallet (the initial source wallet) numerous times and receive an “Out of Gas” failure. Message. I am successful in sending ETH between the wallets using the same gas amount. I have attempted to raise the gas limit with no success.

I understand that this wallet is not Brave’s responsibility.

I am asking for the contact information for the provider of this 3rd party app to resolve this issue. Does anyone know?

Thank you!

How can this issue be reproduced?

Expected result:

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Additional Information:

Are you able to send other ERC-20 tokens or is it just a problem with that specific token?

I am able to transfer ETH in and out. I do not have any other ERC-20 tokens (to test with) in the wallet besides IXT which I added as a custom token.

Thank you for replying.

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