won't let me start up an again (Brave advertises it when you open a new tab.)

I feel upset that Brave advertises and I send my driver’s license and other personal information and they don’t have the decency to get back to me. I had difficulty getting it working and feel that Brave shouldn’t advertise the company. There’s no phone number as far as I’m concerned. It’s an awful feeling giving out personal information to anonymous people on the Internet and you think you can have fund trading money etc. The Internet has opened up a new trust issue and somehow because people operate in cyberspace, they are not obligated to help you! Even Patreon doesn’t have a phone number and will never deal with them again!

Please do not advertise lightly as they do not honor the right to give you an account! Even if you try your darndest to get it working! I told them this in email. It’s been a week and so don’t advertise shonkyh websites! Who is liable for this!?

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