is not paying me BAT's when I see their Ads

Hi everyone,

I started to use Brave Browser the last month, and everytime I receive the Ads in the ‘new tab’ page, I don’t get any BAT for it. I thought this could be a bug that would be fixed, since I’ve noticed the advertisers change every two days or so, but it hasn’t. Also, during the days I see the wallpapers, I don’t receive any Ad notification. So for this reason I can’t receive BAT for two days until crypto doesn’t show up anymore in the ‘new tab’ page.

When the Ad changes from a Crypto one, to, for example, a Gala Games one, I do receive the BATs.

I’m writing this now because all this day I’ve been receiving only ads from Crypto, and I haven’t received any BAT today.

Has someone gone through the same? What can I do?

In these two Screenshots you guys can see I’m not receiving BAT after seeing the Ad.

I post this one hoping it can helps to fix my problem.

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how can i see stats like 2nd screenshot?

I use this link

Can someone of the Brave staff help? now I see the Bitpay Ads, but I don’t get any BAT neither.

Do you ever get payed for ads? I get always payed about 3-4 times for every ad, after that I have to wait at least one hour. Before that I dont get payed more than as mentioned above even if new tab is the ad…

I think this has been happening to me as well. I’ve been using Brave for the past 4 days on my laptop. Have been receiving ads just fine, and BAT has been increasing. Yesterday, I also installed Brave on my desktop, and did not receive ads nor BAT for the whole day. The only ads I saw were Crypto[.]com on the new tab page, but without receiving any BAT.

I searched this forum and saw that a lot of users were also not getting BAT. After a lot of troubleshooting (changing notification settings, restarting the browser, rebooting the PC) without change, I gave up and figured I would just wait for a bug fix.

Today, lo and behold, I have been getting notification ads and new tab page ads and BAT have been increasing accordingly. I have not changed any setting or anything since yesterday. I also have not seen ads for Crypto[.]com today.

Just now seeing this post I made the connection between seeing Crypto[.]com ads yesterday and not seeing them today.

Hey @johanmorales, bat for background ads won’t be visible in the stats tab. They will accumulate along with along with the bat you earned for (ad notifications, ie: 3.493 + bat for background ads)

pudiste resolverlo? yo tengo el mismo problema desde que retire

No, has never paid me after seeing their Ads, I always have to wait until I see anothers advertisers’ Ads.

But other advertisers have paid me literally inmediately after seeing their wallpaper Ads.

Hi, @Rohit552 thanks for this.

I don’t belive that’s the issue here, because sometimes I see a Gala Games background Ad, then I can see the BAT they give me in the stats tab inmediately after.

Btw, @leomndoza , until now it hasn’t being fixed.

Since the beginning of this background ads program started, that was the actual process to achieve bat from that. Even if you want to give a that try to create a new profile in desktop browser. You’ll get to know this. In the demo steps Brave will mention about that

That’s strange, because I’m pretty sure that sometimes my BAT stats have upgraded just after seeing the background Ads. For example, I have an Ad in the tab one, I open a new one then I receive the 0.005 BAT or so.

However, during these days I didn’t receive any new BAT or piece of it for seeing the Ads of these advertisers.

Anyway, I’m not getting more crypto Ads now, but It would be great if someone of the Brave crew could fix this before I received the Crypto and Bitpay Ads again, please. @steeven

Cool !! This might be some new feature I guess. Lets wait for this month payout, we can find this out.

Hmm(post withdrawn by author, on opening every 4th tab youll find a background ad. Thats nice if you are getting BAT on watching each background ad anyways :+1::v:will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged

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