Cryptic warning dialog re: cookies

Wouldn’t it be better for the warning below to state that ‘cookies’ – rather than “any data” – “for all the sites shown” will be deleted, since “any data” suggests global removal of ‘any data’ related to those sites?


Can you share the steps to reproduce?

Only based on your screenshot, seems like OK for clear site data.

Hi @eljuno, I think you may be misunderstanding what I was getting at.

When you’re in the cookies part of Settings (“See all cookies and site data”) and you select cookies to be deleted, the warning doesn’t refer to ‘cookies’ being removed but “any data stored on your device.”

Since (afaik) only cookies are actually removed if you click “Clear all”, that’s all that should be referenced in the warning – i.e., notany data stored on your device.”

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