Crowdfire [Social Media Manager]

Crowdfire is a social media manager similar to Hootsuite but affordable. It has a Chrome extension (I think Firefox too but idk) that makes it super easy to put content into your scheduler. It also has mobile apps. I use Crowdfire together with an RSS reader to keep my social media assets active. I would be so happy if Brave supported this extension!!!

I don’t have any data on the popularity of the service but I personally just bought an annual subscription last week and it has been saving me tons of time!! I think that for people who are responsible for managing a lot of social media these types of apps are major pieces of our workflow and need support from our browsers to really make them useful.

I ran across this article about how to test an extension, so I did it with Crowdfire:

Unfortunately although it did bring up the posting dialogue, when I clicked to submit the post to my Crowdfire schedule, where normally a confirmation notification would appear in the lower right hand corner, nothing happened although the posting interface disappeared on the submit button click.

I double checked in my actual Crowdfire schedule and it never made it over there.

One other thing, when I first clicked the button it tried to get me to connect via Facebook which is its login method, but the typical little square box didn’t come up. Instead it launched a full Facebook tab, which sat blank for a bit before rerouting to Crowdfire which I thought was odd. It was after that I was able to access the interface but not complete a post, as described above.

I don’t have enough programming skill to interpret this but in any case I went ahead and deactivated my test and super hoping the extension can be ported over soon. It’s probably the single most only extension I"m finding really hard to let go of.

Even more than Grammarly which I do really like being able to double click and get a word definition so some type of dictionary extension would definitely be a high priority request for me. But now I’m just rambling.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

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