Creators on Wattpad: Do we stand a chance of being included?

As a publisher/creator of content, I’m excited about this Brave idea! I don’t have a site, I don’t have a Youtube channel and no Twitch channel here.
I’m a writer and I use to reach out to readers - think of it as a youtube for books… People spend time reading my books on Wattpad and commenting and voting on chapters (that’s a ‘like’ in Youtube terms, I guess). Like me, there are thousands of people writing and posting their creations on Wattpad, much more successful than I am, and with huge huge fanbases, bringing users on Wattpad and keeping them there and getting nothing in return from Wattpad.
I don’t know how BRAVE works exactly - as in, how you guys link up to/or track visitors on sites like Youtube and Twitch. And I don’t know how Brave could be adapted to a site like Wattpad. But it would be great if you guys looked into it and tried. Or maybe there are limitations… I’d love to learn about the possibilities or about the impossibilities of adding a site like Wattpad (which is a lot like a Youtube only with the written word instead of the video format as the content; a chapter = a video on Youtube).
I had to raise this topic else I would have been stuck wondering ‘what if’ for a long time.
Thank you for your time and looking forward to hearing from you,

cc @alex @kamil and @luke.mulks here.

Wow, really appreciate you sharing Wattpad here - I hadn’t seen it prior to this post, and it looks pretty interesting.

There are some interesting things that I’m seeing here.

Regarding measurement of attention, there are two mediums we support:

  1. Measurement of attention within the webpage: views + time spent (on the web domain).
  2. Video attention measurement, for supported full screen and embedded video playback (YT + Twitch creators)

Wattpad would likely fall within the first category based on what I’m observing on the free version of the site.

Regarding supporting the platform:

  • One positive thing I’m seeing is that Google’s Oauth2 authentication is supported by Wattpad for user authentication. I suspect that creators likely also can sign in to their accts using Google. Google’s Oauth is already supported and in use for our Brave-verified YouTube creators, so that might make it sit higher in queue.

  • I am less sure about timeframes for supporting the platform. I will look into stats, etc. for Wattpad and send a note of consideration to our product team to see if it can land in the queue.

We are positioning as a platform for creators to earn for their work, and are moving toward supporting more creator platforms. We haven’t really put a lot of focus on ebooks/storytelling mediums, but this is pretty interesting.

I’ll also send a note to their bizdev team, and will see if I can connect with them for an exploratory call. I’m definitely interested to find out more about it. I can’t promise this will land in the near future, but it is definitely a focal point for attention and seems like it would fit well with our creator Oauth verification and publisher page measurement methods we already have in place (with some potential modifications to support this use case).

Hope this helps - really appreciate you sharing this question and info with the community!



Thank you so much for looking into this :slight_smile:
I’ll be looking forward to any updates on this in the future. Now I’m excited. Thank you again!

Sure thing! Happy to help @Diana

The other thing that may help signal boost would be to share a note about Brave to authors you may know or support on the platform. Having creators show interest helps move the needle on these things from what I’ve seen.

Here’s what you could share: for high-level info about the product. for info about our creator support and creator verification (to show them how we’ve supported YT creators) for our creator referral program and promotion (shows them one way we are supporting creators in addition to attention measurement) for a look at how we’ve given $1M total in BAT to users in 5 dollar grants to support creators and publishers (more of these direct to user grants on the way) for info about the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

They can let us know here at , @AttentionToken on twitter, and which has proven to be a nice rallying point for community support for these types of things.

Even if you don’t happen to directly know or engage with authors on the platform, I hope the info above is interesting reading about how we’re positioning with these new alternatives for monetizing that don’t require sacrificing privacy as the cost for a “free” web. :slight_smile:


I do know a few authors and could pass around that information. That’s actually a good starting point. We’ll see how it goes.

Great! Thanks for supporting Brave and helping to spread the word. Feel free to tag me on here with any questions or feedback as you approach authors. We would love to hear from you and/or them with feedback on what they like/don’t like/would love to see with Brave.


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