Creators: Custom Referral Codes?

Been searching and looking throughout the site and I don’t see a way to set a custom referral code.

My “brand”, as others have said, is my username: eduncan911. So all of my referral codes in the past for amazon, DSC, and others have been of some simple variant of “eduncan911.”

However, for Brave I am getting multiple referral codes (website, youtube, etc) with ugly, dull sounding names.

(breaking the urls on purpose, so i can just show the urls):


I understand the need to have multiple codes for different referrals.

However, could we give content creators a way to create custom prefixes? I’m thinking something like:

Or better yet, let us have complete control over the entire name:


cc @rossmoody @rebron2000 @mandar on this

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Thanks @eljuno

@eduncan911 great feedback and a topic we have consistently struggled with. First, thank you for the detail.

Couple things; first feedback around coupling codes to the channels/sites, that is going away. And hopefully soon you will see owner (like you mentioned eduncan vs. site/channel) will own the referral codes. That is already in testing and when it spins out is a matter of time, not if. This will allow publisher owners to manage their codes without having to worry about codes per site/channel.

re: the code format - this is just legacy tech that we are slowly rewriting; the entire referral code system is very specific to Brave that keeps Brave principles around privacy intact. We are looking at changing the system - it is not a quick fix, however.

Lastly, the number-1 issue we see with custom headers is plagiarizing. Unlike the examples of competition you cited, we do have to (a) associate our brand with the impersonator and (b) probably pay out a referral fee as well. That being said, you are right that we need to consider the change for the ones who want to use the system the right way vs. constantly getting bogged down due to the misuse.

Will make a note and revert on what the conclusion may be; may not be quick but stay tuned!

Best, Mandar


Hello all. Checking in on what turned out with this.

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Hello! Any updates to this post?

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Hello - apologies for going AWOL. We are rethinking the entire program; we have now shut down the program for new creators. The program has outlived spend carved out for the same. I will follow up if something concrete is worth updating. Thanks