Creators account, Suspended BAT!

How would we know that our issue in suspened BAT are already review?
we dont recieve any message from for an update about our issue.

Why did the brave.publisher system be created if the obtained and given tips are to be suspected?
That’s why it was done to support content creators who use the brave browser apps!
then what do you do when the content creators have been given tips when you suspect that something has been done in violation of the terms and conditions !!
what is this fool?
The fellow content creator gave the BAT tips voluntarily. you should give what you should for them. you just didn’t notice that many tips were received, you will suspend their account and what violations you will put!
when we appeal about a suspended account you do not have sensible live support to clear the problem.i hope that should be your focus and to expedite the resolution of such problems.

i hope you will notice my message.
because im wondering about my account.
because i know my self that i dont commit any violation agains terms and conditions regarding brave rules.

pls. help me resolve this problem.
Godbless all.


how long your account suspended?
what is the problem about your account?

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Same issue is from many other users. Now I think that brave is using us to earn money same as Google Adsense use to do. No doubt brave is nice browser than crome but we came here to earn if it was only privacy then why we are here we should select duckduckgo or tor browser.


how to make money with the browsers you mentioned. Is it like a brave browser that can make money by clicking on ads? besides the privacy that brave browser has, what is good about duckduckgo and tor browser?

Sorry duckduckgo search engine and tor browser.
And you can check the link I’m sending you

Tor browser is more secure and good.

And also think about something that you can only withdraw bat from 4 bat devices if you have more devices then it is useless. But if you are viewing ads for more then 4 devices then brave will get their 30% cut but what about us we will not get our 70% . I don’t know about you @Argene but I am here to earn if I’m unable to earn then it is worthless switching the browser that’s it .

@Argene please email