Creator payment not arrive

No BAT came to my uphold account. or creators payments are late?

Last deposit deposit shown below.

any support or moderator to help me?

mine is also not come i have 114 BAT

wait for 2-3 days it will come.

tumko last time kab mela tha

Please share creator payout status @steeven

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when did you get last month

I think no status for creator payout here has been posted. i hope someone will help us

13th day of november

payout generating not shown so I think its finished already. thats why I open this topic

I have 7.14 BATs (for weeks!) but they said I will receive only 0.7 BAT. Why? I will never understand this system.

Me not received November payment

for me also… there is still “Payout In Progress”…

I mean it’s free crypto that is extremely liquid so yea just chill.

same here mine is still showing progressing

no progressing shown on me, its show next deposit date

Share screenshot

What show

Thanks for reaching out. The Creators payment is still processing. You can follow this thread for the latest updates - December Creators Payment.